Comment: Penalty!

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It is obvious that we can never deport the millions of illegal immigrants who have broken the law to get here. So the question remains what to do. The dems have no problem pandering to this entire group with the hope that they will provide a path to a legal status for them.

The republicans should do the same with one caveat that we must demand. A penalty. Any law that is broken in this country exacts a penalty of some kind to the law breaker. Be it a fine or prison time this should be no different here.

I propose a $10000.00 fine per person payable over five years to reach the legal status. Alternative payment could be five years of military service and honorable discharge. In the meantime they will not be deported unless having committed other felonies. The fine is not negotiable nor are the terms.

Thats 200 billion to the treasury! Or they can return home. Their choice. They are all pro-choice any way!