Comment: Corrections to your post given again.

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Corrections to your post given again.

"I appreciate your suggestions for literature, but to be quite honest, religious study serves no purpose to me. "

'I appreciate your corrections to my post, but being corrected with better sources serves no purpose?'

OKAY. Let me state it again. Your original post is too simple.

It verges on ignorance. None of your points are actually true.

1) The Christmas tree doesn't come from Constantine. Reformers agree he wasn't great.

2) Seasons aren't created by pagans, they are part of the world God created.

3) King James did not create a new Bible, he had a revision dedicated to him.

4) The Christmas tree story isn't accurate at all. I already gave the actual history. You can argue either way on it. Catholics would probably argue it's a celebration of getting rid of paganism.

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