Comment: When you shrink demand with Laws,

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When you shrink demand with Laws,

you create a supply of Crimes. When you have a supply of Crimes, a Demand for Government where none would exist otherwise.

Look at Traffic Tickets for example. Fines make up a great part of a Department's budget. If the crimes where to disappear, so would the need for patrolmen/women, and the money.

Criminalizing Commodities has no other path than creating chaos. Criminalizing chaotic behavior leads to order.

It is Right infringing behaviors that must be, and naturally are, crimes. Making up crimes where no Rights or Privileges are offended can only lead to crime where no would exist otherwise.

When a commodity, that has been prohibited, becomes extremely valuable and the penalties for manufacturing or distribution are extremely harsh, the most violent and highest risk takers will take control of that market.

There are better ways to mitigate unwanted behaviors that are commonly associated with Alcohol and Drug use. Focusing on the Behavior is a no brainer.