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God knows. They have walked

God knows. They have walked into a trap and you can bet theres alot of "if I go down, you will go down" behind closed doors. The snakes are squirmmin you better belive theyre worried. look around.
Secret service drama. Pentagon with 30k computers linked to porn.
all kinds of leaks and scandal.
These creeps are WORRIED sick.
all the corrupt judges and sheriffs who have permitted this atrocity on the American people will PAY for their crimes one day.
soon i hope.

I keep trying to tell people that in America, the crimes actually have to have been committed for any real punishment to take place.
They are digging their own graves and they are starting to wake up to that fact. I guess the bully authoritarians thought it would continue forever. People will be people.. Just like the ones who thought the value of homes would keep rising!!!lol

They have committed unmentionable crimes and when everything is realized and it is all said and done, thousands upon thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands will be put on trial and put in jail.
America likes her trials!
Look at OJ.
The country stopped and held its breath for months over just this one person going on trial.
Can u imagine the millions that will lose their pensions and their savings how they will react to the oligarchs/establishment- trials??
We will have trials in every level of gvt going on for years.
There is record of everything they have been doing.

"I dont recall" alberto gonzales will not be tolerated- in whats coming for them. The truth WILL be told and we need to make sure it happens in an AMERICAN court room, NOT the HAGUE! remember that!
Americans should NEVER turn our sovereign rights over to an international court system, not any tribunals our gvt cooked up-unConstitutionally.
American justice is slow, but once committed to the truth is relentless and they fear it- you better believe.

They must commit the crimes for any punishment.
Keep your own hands clean and let them commit all the felonies they want.
When Americans get through will these petty crooks and liars, there wont be a blade of grass given them to stand on American soil.
Maybe they will be exiled to the middle East.
Maybe we should have the freshly convicted go fight over there since they want war so badly.
We have to come up with something because Gitmo and even if we opened the 200 yo jail under the Capitol- it still wouldnt be enough room for all of them. so i say we exile the worst offenders to the middle east and air drop them in the wabush region of Pakistan or something!
there i go again!!!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016