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You do realize that some of Rand Paul's harshest critics were Ron Paul "radical" fanatics right? LOL. Just saying.

I don't bash Rand Paul but I don't support him neither. Ron Paul proved himself to be a statesman by always sticking to his convictions, even though it seemed unpopular to most. Many believed that Ron Paul would have been the GOP candidate if he would have bent some of his economic and foreign viewpoints. As we know he didn't. While I do question why he didn't endorse anyone (I truly believed that this is the one time that Dr. Paul played politics and it was to benefit Rand but I also believe that a major reason he didn't endorse GJ was because of his abortion views) that is neither here nor there. Rand Paul proved himself to be a politician by not only endorsing but campaigning for a person he didn't believe in for the sake of his political career. I don't bash him for it but I'm tired of politicians. We need the re-emergence of the statesman.