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I believe I said that the RN my spouse talked to

said that ALL of the outbreaks of hepatitis in the Denver metro area (1 million people) were caused by sodomites. They mess around with poo because of their "lifestyle", or hadn't you heard. Sodomy is unhygienic by its very nature.

Sodomy spreads through pedophilia and pederasty. That sort of abuse can rewire a boy's brain. I've seen plenty of perverts brag about that, and how they wanted to molest everyone's boys so that there would be a larger "gay community" for them to have their fun with.

I didn't say a sodomite should be ostracized from society, I said that that particular behavior needs to be socially unacceptable. Unwed mothers shouldn't be ostracized from society, but getting pregnant out of wedlock needs to be socially unacceptable so that it will remain rare. When I was in high school, one girl a year in a student body of over 1,000 got pregnant every year because it just wasn't something one did (this was before Roe v. Wade). Those girls had to leave the high school and go to "continuation", what is called an alternative high school, now. When my children were high school age (they did not go to public schools) a public high school near us had 200 pregnant girls. The school started a day care on campus. It had become socially acceptable for kids to make babies without the benefit of marriage, therefore there was a lot more of it.