Comment: He is married to the

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He is married to the

He is married to the granddaughter. She wants nice things.

Politics is a lot like investing, once something doesn't seem right.. It's not.

In 2008 they quit just as abruptly with a big fat profit. I thought Ok, they see the numbers they are going to take the war chest and grow the movement.... crickets ... until 2011, oh look, it's a money bomb...

It was a bomb alright... I'm just glad the traitors lost to obama.

DO NOT GIVE MONEY it is food for the beast
DO NOT VOTE it is what gives the beast life.
MINIMIZE YOUR TAX "CONTRIBUTION" Buy the crap you can't live without off of craigslist
BAND TOGETHER there are strength in numbers. we need to be relocating together and trading amongst ourselves, electing our own government, abolishing our own laws.

The only way to beat them is to ignore them.