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No arguing with that.

They try everything possible to follow the 38,000,000 laws we have on the books. I get along with them better than most other races. They work hard, they're smart, they're real fun, they're my family. They are better family and friends to me than my family and friends. I have very little in common with Americans. But go ahead, and push your monopolistic force to get rid of my family. You have done it before. We were sad. We persevered. Go ahead and separate us again. Kidnap and throw my husband in a 3x12 conc. cell with two others for a weekend. Go ahead and lock him up for months on end in a 100sf unit with fifty inmates and one bathroom. Go ahead and laugh when they get caught in a cactus in the pith dark from running from the border patrol. Laugh when they get lost with no water, no phone, by themselves on the Monte and I desperately call for hours trying to get one Texan Chicano Border Patrol POS to understand that he is a human and he may die. Just don't ever ask why I hate the government and get your facts straight. Because they are completely wrong.

Yeah, yeah,,,I am just a creepy DEMOCRAT. Ha.