Comment: I think Athiests are dumb.

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I think Athiests are dumb.

do they REALLY think they can prove a negative?
they seem to think we are SO advanced now, like we have well, you know, figured out gravity or something. the first caveman who fell out of a tree figured out gravity.
do YOU believe in dark matter / energy or black holes? we cannot prove they exist. do you know what the concept involved is based on? probably not.
I discovered about the same information that you did when I looked into the subject you spoke of. I scrached my head and thought, really? darn, I did not want to know that.
humans have an innate tendency or need for a "God" I mean heck, we sure have invented a lot of them!!!!
the reverse is no better. even worse if you were aware of what I am aware of.....
I discovered Deism. it fits me perfectly and I actually LIKE to talk about god as a result.
if you go back and look at your post, you answer your own question.
please chose a position before attacking anothers.