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State: A political body, or

State: A political body, or body politic; the whole body of people united under one government, whatever may be the form of the government. Websters 1828

Under the original creation of the Constitution, correct, the District of Columbia is not a State. But under the 14th Amendment that form of government was altered. Now the District of Columbia is THE State, of ONE Nation of people. Obviously, those people are the United States citizens. Prior to the 14th Amendment you were a citizen of your State and thereby a USA citizen. Now you are a Federal citizen, not matter what state you are in. You are a citizen of Washington DC, that 10 spare mile area that originally had no citizens, now has them all. It is not that DC is not a state that citizens are not protect, it is that they have a distinctly different constitution than all the other States: the 14th Amendment which is a mini constitution within the Constitution, a Democracy within a Republic. The 14th Amendment determines; who is a citizen of this state, who can vote, establishes basic matters of law, establishes privileges and immunities of citizenship; establishes a method for determining the number of representatives for its people, and who shall be eligible to vote in elections; establishes basic eligibility to serve in office; establishes the credit of this state; establishes the powers of its congress (basically unlimited in relation to the US citizen).
Though this mini constitution is VERY basic, through the 5th clause-powers of congress, the US Statutes establish, in painstaking detail, the remainder what is not covered therein. This is the creation of the "Living" Constitution, the right to enforce through never ending legislation. This legislation has no effect upon those who do not choose to be US Citizens, it only is applicable to the them and them alone. It is the creation of a new body politic, a new State.

Eliminate THAT state, and by default you would be subject to the state in which you are from. Elimination of that one state would be the equivalent of all 50 state seceding simultaneously. The States would all have their sovereignty returned

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