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I will try

to help you. I am not a sales person. I hate making phone calls or asking people to do things. So I don't know if I will ever sell any books. We don't need to keep track of things. Joe, as far as I am concerned if you start clearing $1000 a month and you think I am due something that is fine. Otherwise we wont worry about any money that you are able to make. I am not worried about it. As far as I can tell you have been ever so generous to help me understand Liberty and some history.

If you want me to work on Power Independence I will, but I would like to come to a clean bots selling stuff I would have to explain to my husband,kids or church folk. You take the lead and just tell me what to do. If I don't understand what you are asking I will tell you. If I am going the wrong direction you can tell me.

If you get involved in any fraud please tell me. I don't want to get into any trouble. If you are going to connect me to any kind of people who could get into trouble, please tell me so I can excuse myself. I am raising bear cubs and I can create my own trouble if I want trouble. OK? See the P word which I will not say again since it could cause me legal trouble.

Additionally, what if I have a question. You have mentioned I think 3 times now that WWIII is underway. I want to know what that means. Can I still ask questions?

I have a busy day with the Amish tomorrow and a field trip on Thurs.