Comment: I support Amnesty

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I support Amnesty

Am I the only one who likes Rand MORE because of this?

I have always been for more or less open borders. I see illegal immigration as a victimless crime. To the objection that some of them commit crimes, I would bring up that libertarians are also against drug laws, and some people who use drugs comit crimes. When someone commits violence or force against another, that's a crime. But peaceful immigration, like peaceful drug use? Doesn't make sense for a libertarian to be against that.

Trespassing without permission can be a crime, but libertarians should really only see that is valid when it comes to private property. Other than that, how can you tell someone where he or she can walk?

The fact that some of them use social services is a stupid reason to restrict immigration. Just get rid of the social services!

The fact that there's all these drug problems at the border is a stupid reason to restrict immigration. Just legalize drugs!

Personally, my girlfriend is the daughter of illegal immigrants. They benefited from Reagan's amnesty. Without that, they wouldn't be here to this day.