Comment: So, what Rand means by 'Simplify' is,

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So, what Rand means by 'Simplify' is,

that he wants to make it 'Simple' for them to be rewarded for invading our country? He wants to reward those who have taken advantage of our system for 10's of years? How about making the law 'Simple' for them to understand, you entered our country illegally, you deserve absoulutely nothing from our government, and if caught without having papers trying to become a citizen you will be deported immediately! If you lived in a border state where we are overrun with illegals you would understand, but apparently you don't! These people are here for a 'free ride', and if you pander to them, things will only get worse, rather than better. They will always side with the socialist class, the Democrats, who give them the free government welfare, and are never going to vote GOP, unless they continue in that direction as they did with their Medicare fiasco. We don't need people who come from a failed 3rd world country to easily become citizens, they will only vote for those who give them free handouts, and never those who believe in personal self preservation by working for your standard in society. Pandering is a statist method, pressing the law is a constitutional one. If he wants to pander, he should become a Democrat, or just become a collectivist like the rest of the GOP!