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I am uninterested in religion besides when it has negative...

effects. I could care less whether a god exists or not. It's none of my concern. For most, the beneficial part of religion comes in the form of a generally peaceful guiding philosophy. The organization of religion by man is what introduces many of the problems.

Humans are insignificant compared to the scope of the universe. If a god does exist, I doubt it would be interested in what the animals on this little blue speck are doing. Also, I can never be made to believe that another person can communicate with such a being which results in the realization that all religions are contrived by man (in my own opinion). Followers are expected to take other humans' (religious leaders') word that in the past certain special people had a hotline to speak with a god, and we should listen to everything they have to say and follow without question.

I am not concerned with or have any bad feelings towards any particular religion. It's the control over people for nefarious purposes that concerns me. It has been engrained in people that to question religion on any level is strictly forbidden. It's very dangerous when people give up that much freedom without question, and it affects entire populations - even the nonreligious or uninterested.