Comment: Immigration is a real

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Immigration is a real

Immigration is a real which I mean that congress is given the right by section 8 under naturalization to make laws regarding it. Now that being said...whether you agrer with him or not does not matter...its just a difference of opinion. I personally agree with this stance cor the simple reason that the economic cost of deporting them is significant. Besides he says the path should not be easy, just that it should exist...he also wants to stop immigration till they are absorbed, this will anger other countries which will in turn place more pressure on mexico. I think the US will benefit from this. The US has always been built on immigration...the original settlers were illegal immigrants, many immigrants were former business owners in their countries of origin. For instance I worked with a Honduran who owned his own shoe making company until NAFTA destroyed it...he then moved here...ended up working for someone else, but should ue ever choose to there is nothing stopping him from starting his business up again. To me immigrants like him are a net benefit to the country. Most immgrants I have worked with illegal or not were harder working than most of their American Coworkers which translates into higher profits for the companies they work for...which in turn gives extra capital for those companies to either hire more workers or buy more equipment, which in turn benefits the companies which makes that equipment. The argument that immigrants are stealing jobs is just as true as the argument that machines steal jobs...which is to say its a logical fallacy as far as economics go....whether a business owner uses machines or cheaper labor as opposed to more expensive labor, the effect is the business owner saves more money...which he will use to expand his business...he will need equipment which is going to be made by businesses that will need skilled over cheap see the cycle here....lower costs ALWAYS lead to a healthier economy when you look at the large picture. The other side of the coin is that immigrants dont work for much cheaper than Amercans...for instance that Honduran coworker of mine was only pain less than I was because I was Foreman, not because he was Honduran.....the first job they take they may do cheaply...but they quickly learn the going rate for a set skill and ask it the next time. Another things...all the immigrants I worked with paid payroll taxes and filed income tax right along with I am sorry, but Rand is RIGHT on this issue. I dont believe that we should make the immigration laws more lax...but since they are here already its cheaper and benefits the economy to give them a path to citizenship. We do howevee need to enforce the law strictly in the future...even if it means building a forty billion dollar wall along the border