Comment: The odds are against them.

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The odds are against them.

Less children being born to those who can afford them and are intelligent
More children being born to the poor and less intelligent
Children forced on drugs by schools
Drugs, vaccinations causing mental and physical harm
Food, less nutritious and GMO
Fluoridated water
Chemtrails and nuclear energy plants spewing radiation

Babies drinking fluoridated water from birth, eating GMO genetically altering their DNA in baby foods and shots piled on top of one another while breathing higher levels of radiation, Mothers, from necessity, not at home with infants during their most formative years mentally. They start school to be put on mind altering drugs when active and inquisitive for the sake of order in over crowded classrooms. They are then taught as Dwalters said, to never strive to win, think independently or given a hint of cognitive reasoning skills. Group think is king.

What can we expect?