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Comment: building a network

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building a network

I live in Polk County Fl and I am also looking into a local run or a State level legislature run....I researched the money raised by even local / county officials and was somewhat shocked at the amount of money raised by these folks. And it came from awkward places...Some local County Commissioner candidates have raised nearly $100k. I have a meeting on Thursday to be elected a Committeeman for my local precinct (116)...and plan to just get involved. Meet as many people as I can. Talk to them....listen to them. Just get involved at the most basic ground level and build a foundation. I am going to start a FB page for my precinct to follow and I will knock on the door of EVERY registered voter in my precinct and I will work to register voters as well. Build a base. Help people want to be involved. Show them the PLUS side of being free...find me on FB (tommy rogers)