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so you believe in the now

so you believe in the now raised minimum wage in california to $10.00 a hour? because if you didn't you would be cheating the american worker out of a real wage right? see how you think? its called free market for a reason not fixed market. lol .... I my self can pay less to those who are willing to work for me and at the same time provide a product for a lower cost to the same people who work for me and others who want my product. sure i can pay 100.00 a hour, If i raised the price of my product. sure americans can work in a field all day for 20.00 bucks a hour only the price of the product will be raised hurting the consumer. not only that consumers would import that product from other parts of the world to beat the high cost...... AMAZON and EBAY for example..... so what are you going to do then? put a trade embargo making more government? lol how about let the market find a solution and keep your big GOV hands off my work force!

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