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Comment: Speaking ability

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Speaking ability

I've always known that speaking ability is not and should not be used as an indicator of how intelligent a person is. It is merely an assumption that has been passed down throughout history. For most of human history, it was the only way to communicate. (most people couldn't write) This false assumption of intelligence is also based on the surface value that naturally comes with the benefits of "out talking" other people. This is to say that the impressed listeners think to themselves about their own ability to speak fluently and then measure themselves against it. And when they realize that they can't speak as well, they assume that the better speaker is smarter than themselves. It is nothing more than a natural brain to body function, like good balance. Those "fast talkers" love to use it to their advantage as they entertain, bewilder and sometimes belittle those who are less vocally active.
He was never the "smartest man in the room".