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Comment: Even when I was 6 I didn't see all adults as authority figures..

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Even when I was 6 I didn't see all adults as authority figures..

I think that's just because most parents tell their children naive things like, "respect your elders".

Like somehow all adults should be respected.

I saw my parents as authority figures, but the lady across the street who tried to boss me around... I would just stick my tongue out at her.

Maybe I was just a child with an abnormal amount of individuality and self will.

As far as telling people what happened to me when I was 6, I had no problem at all. I don't even get what you are talking about.

In fact the teenage girl who would fool around with me, got in a lot of trouble because I told people about it.

To be honest none of it even bothered me except for the fact my parents were so upset over it and that the girl lied about it later, but honestly that's understandable considering how much trouble it would cause her. My parents getting so upset and driving around the neighborhood telling everyone about it was really the truly stressful thing about it all.

I guess if some guy tried to stick it in my pooper and wouldn't take no for an answer I'd have a different opinion on the subject, but that's not what happened to me.

Because of this I've never understood the pedophile hysteria, and while I don't think what that girl did was right... I don't feel like she should have been put in prison or otherwise had her life ruined by the government in reaction to it. I can't say I was coerced into doing it...

She was around 15 at the time, and I was 6... Even if she had been 20 I don't see what major difference it would make either.

Honestly... the only reason why I even saw my parents as some sort of ultimate authority figures past age 8 or so was because I'd get punished if I didn't obey them. Same goes for my teachers. Any other adult would never have been able to force me into doing something I didn't wish to without physical threats, force, or violence.

Most of the people in this thread just come across to me as self-righteous and suffering from moral panic/hysteria.

I honestly probably wouldn't even remember it so vividly had my parents not freaked out so badly about it.

I believe it's much better if you simply educate your children about such people so they know that sex isn't something you just do willy-nilly and that there's no reason they should have to do something just because an adult tells them to, and that they should never be ashamed in telling someone they trust if something they didn't like happened to them.

The law is a blunt and unthinking instrument and does not take into account the specifics of each particular case. The hysteria surrounding this subject has caused a lot of innocent people harm... people who had perfectly healthy relationships. Just watch that episode of Stossel on the matter... a 16 year old being put on the sex offender's list and his life ruined because some girl who was 3 years younger than him lied about her age. And some father who is unable to legally be alone with his kids only because he had sex with his now wife when she was 17 and he was 18. Someone I know personally was put on the sex offender's list for having sex with one of his girlfriends when they were in high school, and she wasn't even a year younger than him.