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Right, no one knew, but that

Right, no one knew, but that did not change the fact that people were getting gas when it wasn't necessary because they didn't know when they could. I waited without a problem. I did not do any unnecessary driving, and conserved the gas I could, knowing that most of the country was unaffected and our area was a major sector of the country so the gas lines would not last for months. It was your choice to wait in the line even though you could have waited, I was down to a 1/4 of a tank myself and waiting and then it was over and I still lived, amazing!

Gas is only a necessity when you have to drive and it's almost gone. Relating this to food is a silly diverge from the actual problem. We do not need gas to live, gas is a commodity and without we would find other sources of energy. I'm not sure if you remember but the world did not always have gasoline and people survived quite alright.

But what the hell...if price controls were set on food to below their market value and their was a shortage, it would be gone much faster then if it was at market value. Secondly, production of food would continue to drop off massively because producing food would not provide a sufficient enough return to make a food production business sustainable.

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