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Synagogue of Satan.

+1. yes, there are many murderers among them.
* Murders, = see the movie "From Hell" with Johnny Depp, about Jack the Ripper. He was Queen Victoria's doctor /surgeon, = just one example. JFK, MLK, Arch-Duke Ferdinand => WW-1, Diana, etc.

* Alchemy, that they want to create gold, is well known. That is the distraction, their real tool is U$ury, = suck & pile - uP. Banksters are very influential within their circle.

* P'lay with words, edit & revise scripture, corrupt dictionaries, change meaning & usage, turn languages anglish, insert "P" with sinister & secret intent, unnecessarily? e.g. phillip, psycho, or change to peter & paul.

* Maseah's name & title, they use "grager" to drown, = anti.

* Growl, most senior members speak that way, because the masons are considered builders, architects, engineers, contractors, etc., their sound comes from the Gut of the concrete mixer, e.g. "Gurgrrr" of Kissenger, Peres, Joe-Liber, etc.

* their members (little demons) influence many institutions, e.g. courts, police, media, edu, medicine, religion, etc. Now they have co-opted other groups, e.g. skull & bones, knights templars, etc. in service of zionism. They want to gain & retain control of the three basics tools of power, = word, money & stick.