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Hollow rhetoric...

I don't believe such a thing is just suddenly awakened liked that... I'm quite sure that's just people trying to make excuses for themselves.

It reminds me of that guy in Japan who tried to blame some cartoon for his brutal rape and murder of a child. Guess what? They weren't stupid enough to buy it, and he was put to death.

As far as crack cocaine goes... comparing that to pornography is just beyond any reason whatsoever.

Sure people can become addicted to pornography, but of all things to become addicted to it seems one of the more harmless ones. At least they are satiating their sexual desires in a safe and harmless way.

Also, even if crack cocaine is addictive and destructive, it still does not change the fact that it being illegal only makes things worse for everyone involved. Except maybe the cartels who make such huge profits off of the black market because of the very reason it is illegal.