Comment: America's tacit LOVE for the lie of evolution theory...

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America's tacit LOVE for the lie of evolution theory... all the proof they need that we're intellectually LAZY, not less intelligent.

Blinded, manipulated, willingly ignorant, God-deniers, lovers of sin and pleasure, idolatrous, money-worshipping PROGRESSIVES...we take all this technology, and instantaneous access to information and knowledge, and conclude that a Holy Creator didn't create humans in the Garden of Eden for a purpose; and through gross repetitive disobedience they have come to believe in a plethora of LIES, ...only the lies and liars have increased in stature, preference, and standing; any human being the world over can bend their knee and break their heart in biblical repentance and faith towards Jesus Christ...but, they'd rather MOCK the faith our founders had in the Creator so named in our Declaration of Independence; and vote for proponents of abortion and homosexuality in the ONE nation that was blessed with prosperity because the God of the Bible was reverenced at it's founding and separation from hypocritical Judeo-Christian parent government.

The strain we exert in order to hold onto our lies, and the financiers of those lies in our politics, our churches, and government-funded academia....this nation deserves all the blowback God is currently equipping and orchestrating against us, not because we're less intelligent; but because we clinch our fist in His face in total defiance and rejection of His demand we repent.

We will be humbled; quit pseudo-analyzing the OBVIOUS....this nation HATES God and Jesus Christ....our founders and Ron Paul knew better...don't say we weren't WARNED!!!