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One little man. A lone voice. So much energy channeled against him. Ron Paul should be our President. He should have been elected in 2008, if not before. Our country, and the majority of our citizens are sick. No one wanted to hear the truth of reality. That made Ron Paul a faily unpopular potential leader. No drunk likes to hear the "last call" from the bartender. Obviously, the real reason for the calculated temperment towards Paul came down from way, way above...the goons that run and control the Federal Reserve were not about to have any of this Ron Paul. The willy nilly press gleefully plays along. They're owned by the same folks who have their snout in the Federal treasury up to the hilt. It was an easy game plan for them to discredit Ron Paul. Americans don't get it, and probably never will. Our government is run by outlaws. I still think Ron Paul could have overcome the media puppets with the right campaign team and strategy. People don't like being duped, the the shame of it is, they don't know their being duped. It looks like it'll stay that way for a while.

alan laney