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Comment: Epic Speech Coming

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Epic Speech Coming

...we all feel that, we all anticipate it. What will it be and will it be televised and discussed? Will it become public. Will there be those who pay homage and and thank Dr. Paul on the floor. Or will it just be giving him his time one last time?

We will see! I anticipate, and hope for, the kind of strong speech we have all been stirred by but with a new slant. I expect him in brutal terms to tell the Republican Party the only way they can save themselves, become again relevant, stand for the people. I expect him to also tell them how they must reach out to the real needs of the people whether those people are aware of the dismal trajectory we are on or not. I expect him to say that the time is ripe to become one people, not one party, for liberty.

After all, he is a Republican Congressman saying goodby to a Republican body. It should be interesting.