Comment: This is absurd for many

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This is absurd for many

This is absurd for many reasons. First, more Americans disbelieve the theory of evolution than most other developed nations. Second, the theory is easily demonstrable in organisms with short life spans (microbes, especially). Third, free markets work in just about the exact same way as does biological evolution. It's not much of a stretch to understand that nucleic acids comprise genes, which code for proteins, and that genetic diversity (e.g. mutation) is inherent in that mechanism. Different genotypes produce different phenotypes, and given the environment (or changing environment), one organism may have an advantage over another with respect to longevity, locomotion, energy acquisition, and ultimately reproduction. Darwin had a rather obvious idea, though he did not understand the mechanism. Mendel discovered the mechanism.

Not everything taught in schools is incorrect. Are you going to take on Riemann sums next?

Our comparatively very religious nation is WAY behind others in the science and mathematics. In fact, I honestly believe that it is our inability to conceptualize large numbers that tends to make humans religious in the first place (not to mention the childhood indoctrination).

If you must believe in some divine creator who cares for you personally, at least understand that it is not necessarily incompatible with the theory of evolution (only portions of the bible written a few thousand years ago by people who couldn't manage to separate the excrement from their food). However, I suppose the old ego would really take a hit as evolution does strongly suggest that humans are not a "goal" species, nor is any one species.