Comment: Sometimes They Laugh at Us

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Sometimes They Laugh at Us

...because we are so gullible and ludicrous.

Your Chinese insurance story reminded me of another which perhaps does not fit in the thread, but is a good story to me.

I've talked too much about how I woke up to the real situation in Syria because of a family from there that touched me. The father brings Christian Bibles in Aramaic languages to this country. Yeah, not pushy ...but following his convictions. His daughter interests me...a lot.

She looks and dresses like a typical 16 year old girl. In a conversation with her I lightly broached the topic of American boys. She became my teacher. She said, "oh, no. I will not date until I graduate from college. Getting an education is my job now and I honor my parents wishes,because they are wiser than me. After college there will be plenty of time for that."

Err. I asked what field she was going into and why. She told me that she would become a doctor and heal people with compassion and skill and not for the money.

What for then, I asked. She replied that she was a Christian but not a preacher like her Dad. She felt that by being the kind of healer of bodies that she wanted to be, she would also heal minds by her actions.

Wow, I thought and immediately jumped to yet another wrong conclusion. I said, "oh, so you will return to Syria or the Middle East and help your people?'

She looked at me like a wise old lady and said, "No, I can best help all people by healing bodies and minds here, in the United States. Here is where minds most need to be healed."