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Actually there's not a word of truth in your comment. Our greasy, corrupt Central Government Planning republican/democrat (same thing) politicians... ARE PROTECTING THESE INVADING, CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS AND KICKING THE FACES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE LAW THAT DEMANDS DEPORTATION AND ENFORCEMENT HAPPEN NOW!!!!!!!! This, of course, is TREASON!!!!!!!!

The laughable contradiction of claiming "scapegoating"... ONLY TO THEN SCAPEGOAT "disproportionately white," is PURE IDIOCY. WHAT CORRUPT GOVERNMENT'S DO... IS DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!!!!!! As you have perfectly illustrated. You have FALSELY MORPHED America's DISGUST with illegal immigration... into some sort of white vs. brown thing, as is typically done by dividers. Only with the rise of COLOR-BLIND Constitutional Liberty, this DECEPTION is becoming rather difficult to sell, these days.

Unbridled illegal immigration is national suicide. It negatively effect EVERY ASPECT OF SOCIETY: healthcare, crime, education, budgets, language, culture, societal cohesion, standards of living, housing, environment, law, liberty, property rights, etc, etc.

Brother Winston Smith

The r3VOLution is NOT republiCAN.