Comment: In a certain way they're right ...

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In a certain way they're right ...

Mankind has been devolving since the beginning ... Adam and Eve having been created perfect. Genetic corruption does take place.

Nowhere is it more apparent than among today's evolution spouting scientists. They are a pathetic lot, dreaming up fairy tales and labeling them "science." What a waste of money these fabricated reports ... that pass for serious scientific inquiry ... are!

Unfortunately, people are being dumbed down. Spending 12 years in a public school and swallowing the soulless, fake history, fake science, sex ed, esteem training, etc., can't but warp a human being beyond recognition. Then, whatever was missed by the school system, the modern media ... TV, raunchy music, disgusting bloody movies ... finishes off.

Beyond that, drinking fluoridated water is guaranteed to reduce IQ by 10 to 20 percent. Add to this the GMO frankenfoods, chemtrails, etc., and you have a generation of obese, fog-bound, couch potatoes who hardly care that they are being poisoned by our corporations with the blessing of our government.

Waking up to the scam instantly improves your IQ by 50%. Glory to God forever!