Comment: Ludicrous idea

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Ludicrous idea

If you look at the overall intelligence of humans, as compared to where we were 150-200 years ago, i would say we are much smarter. We have applied so many various principles of the sciences to create amazing technology, which has made our lives more convenient. Sure there are more people on the planet now, so obviously there will be more "dumb" folks, but as well as more "smart" folks. It really only takes a small amount of "smart" folks to prop up everyone else.

I think the real big question is public education, i think that has been dumbed down, which you could say has led to a dumbing down of the masses. But in all actuality i look at it as the conveniences afforded to us by our vast knowledge has made us more ignorant to a whole vast sea of knownledge, especially when it comes to govenment/political issues.