Comment: More deceit and smoke and mirrors... why is this Paul enemy...

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More deceit and smoke and mirrors... why is this Paul enemy...

gracing the front page of DP!? That is the real question.

Rise above the dirty foam of the CFR washing machine folks! Keep your eyes focused but clear of obstructions, and that means do not flinch and dodge every time the CFR/FED/Tyrants throw out another bone and morsel for the grassroots to follow. It is all distraction.

Instead, follow the constitution just as Dr. Paul has been and will, as long as he is breathing. Focus on the obvious violations rather than the hidden and unknown.

The 'soap watchers' are easily led down the dark tunnels of misinformation, which is why we are in this mess in the first place. The constitutionally enlightened and adherent like Dr. Paul are not only NOT misled, they are ready to 'give an answer of the things' which so easily mystify the others. That is our calling.

Sound and sage, abiding by the rule of law throughout! That is exactly how the RNC was forced to bare their teeth of evil in Tampa... the grassroots liberty minded used the rule of law to force their hand, and we did not blink when they feinted!

Await the outcome and know that you were all along, on the right track! Sound money preparation, defense of family, home and health, prepared to step into the void of confusion in the body politic, and thereby spread the fires of liberty!

Calm progress, unfazed by their huffing and puffing against the constitution, is exactly what the CFR and FED friends fear the most. All you see right now in the news is designed to distract you from the real picture. Listen to Dr. Paul for he is talking about the real picture!

The enemy of liberty needs confusion and distraction, calculated to lead people away from their birthright of freedom and liberty, slowly and voluntarily... they fear facing the issues of their own corruption and law violations straight on!

They fear actually having to fight right at the street level of freedom and liberty! It is a fight tyrants always lose!

The CFR will have to face their own perfidious demons stacked up against the reality of liberty's brush-fire, head on, but only if the grassroots remains focused on reality instead of the soaps in D.C.!