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I have a theory

I have a theory--hear it out, it's just a theory at this point. What if this secession is all a rouse. This is being played as the extreme anti-Obama Republicans wishing to secede, and the fact is that's the dominant population over most of the country.

Meanwhile they're putting out a ton of movies glorifying Abraham Lincoln, the man who went to war and suspended our Constitution and got a good rap simply because of the slavery issue (which he supported and would have kept if it were up to him).

I'm just thinking about those FEMA camps, all those millions of rounds of ammunition, and those rows of coffins they ordered up. I'm sure they'll need some excuse to use them...

Though I don't see how we can fight a civil war if we're going to bomb Iran. Unless perhaps it's sort of a one-two punch. Will the global elite have us bomb Iran into oblivion, then completely disband and destabilize the United States in a cataclysmic civil war?

Perhaps I watch too many movies.