Comment: The Criminal Element

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The Criminal Element

Voting and Lobbying can be defined in any way the individual cares to define it in time and place.

If the individual "votes" and "lobbying" while resorting to willful deception, threats of violence, and violence upon the innocent then "voting" and "lobbying" are words covering up the criminal element (deceit, threat, violence upon the innocent), so confusing crime with anything else does what - exactly?

Criminals perpetrate crime with impunity since the victims, not the criminals, are confused.

Victims suffer from victimization perpetually since the victims are too confused to do anything effective to remedy the situation.

So why confuse crime with "voting" or "lobbying"?

Without the criminal element can there be forms of self government whereby no law excuses any criminal act?

If not, what examples of self government serve to exemplify the best possible example that minimizes the lawful support of crime?

How about the time between 1776 and 1788?

How about Confederated State governments in competition with each other for voting tax payers within the security of an organized defensive force limited to only defense and not making offense legal or quasi-legal, how about an honest self government that includes Trial by Jury based upon sortition, and no laws supporting the punishing, and crushing, of innocent money competitors for that so-called crime of making higher quality and lower cost money?