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Comment: focus on what he's trying to say...

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focus on what he's trying to say...

instead of the person saying it.

these knee-jerk ad hominem attacks against krauthammer are very typical of the left, dispatched to regulate the media when it somehow threatens their 'version' of the truth.

think about it instead of dismissing it as a 'conspiracy theory' because you're not intelligent enough to connect the dots for yourself and consider that this guy's probably right.

-the timing of petraeus' departure is rather suspicious considering an investigation of what happened in benghazi hasn't concluded anything, except that the official white story was a complete lie.
-no one has taken the fall for this one, not obama, not hillary (who hasn't been seen in the media for quite a while now) and someone really should.
-left-controlled msm is now trying to sensationalize this story with romance and intrigue surrounding petraeus' life to create an 'Entertainment Tonight' story out of this event that left Chris Stevens and 3 aides dead when they really didn't have to die.