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You have to go back the first wrongs of gov't -- then meditate

on what would have been in existence (as a market good -- something that can logically be made and purchased in a free-society given the era) and determine if crude-oil-gas-coal-steel would have developed at all or only in part (some percentage greater or lesser than we have today -- as crude-oil-gas-coal-steel "market goods"); then after you determine that you will know what the right role of gov't is moving forward.

The problem with gov't correcting "downstream" evils, long after the path of capitalism-corporatism-socialism is adopted, is one of degree.

Reparations create enemies -- No-Reparations creates victims (victim mindset -- an understandable "disease").

Look how disastrous welfarism and reservationism were, as policies after-the-fact.

In the Koch situation I would say let them keep 10 cents for every dollar they have in asset-form -- the rest of it goes to those they wronged directly and back to the taxpayer who was wronged indirectly.

But we'd have to do that for every rich person, rich organization, and rich union in the nation. The cost of which would probably strip 50% of the value.