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I've never understood

the "religious right's" thirst for blood when it comes to brown people. I think a lot of it has to do with the Propagangelists on Fox News and Neocon-talk radio. Glenn Beck really blurred the lines between "news" and being a televangelist. Huckabee does the same thing but to a lesser extent. I'll get downvoted into oblivion for this (I've been called a communist here because I'm Agnostic) but I see these pied pipers as following the same strategy as actual televangelists.

You've got a smooth talking guy in a nice suit, speaking with utter assurance and confidence on the stage promising this or that. I think people that have gone to church their whole lives are more susceptible in this format because they're so used to seeing it. Another example are these "AMWAY" Pyramid scheme Rah-Rah events. Where they rent out a ballroom with a stage, a guy with a nice suit gets up on stage and promises everyone RICHES, if only they think positive and block out any and all "negative thoughts" (like their friends telling them to get a real job and stop bugging them to buy oxygenated water) Instead of preaching the word of the lord, they preach at the pulpit of the almighty dollar, and people get suckered in by this smooth talking, confident guy promising a better life.

Could there be a psychological connection? IDK, but it seems like there could be (to me) I got talked into going to one of these AMWAY events years ago just to get my buddy to shut up and I remember thinking "If that guy was up there talking about god, instead of rags to riches b.s- this would be EXACTLY like a televangelist event" It sent chills down my spine. So I think the propagandists have found a way to play on these subtle things to lure more people in- I just wish they would follow the actual teachings of Jesus

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