Comment: Interesting Pre-Address Thoughts

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Interesting Pre-Address Thoughts

...beyond what he might say although I sure have thought about that as all of you have.

So often nobody has shown up when Dr. Paul has spoken. I thought..."oh, no...don't let that happen."

Then I realized that there is NO WAY that will happen:

First, they, too, are curious about (and some afraid of) what he will say.

Second, they know that what he says resonates with many people. Nobody got cheering crowds like that.

Third, they would not dare show disrespect to him now and alienate his supporter who they know will be watching. In fact, they know they had better give some enthusiastic and respectful applause and they will hope the camera scans and shows them clapping.

Ha ha ha. This is perfect and I hope the camera does exactly that. In addition to what IS most important, the sideshow might be interesting as well. Certainly any follow-up analysis could be interesting. Who will want to snare their last opportunity to win the support of Ron Paul supporters? However, they should know that we are neither ignorant nor gullible at this point.

Let the games begin!