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Comment: I love their culture.

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I love their culture.

I can't get to excited about mine. I grew up on Bologna sandwiches with American cheese, Miracle Whip, on wonder bread...bleck Macaroni and cheese with fish sticks (don't ask what variety of fish, unknown), or Natty dried out deer meat fried until that very last and only layer of fat was burned off. I would pocket it for the dog later. It was that dry.

Mexico has about the most complex foods in the world. They had some naturally brilliant native foods like the tomato, peppers, chocolate, corn, and avocado with thousands of years to practice and a middle age fusion of Spanish cuisine. Some moles have 25 ingredients in them. I find the authentic foods far more complex and interesting than even Italian food. Plus it's some of the healthiest food around.

As for the people, they are pure fun-lovin folks. Attend a party of theirs. They are great fun.

There's plenty of Americans sucking on hotdogs, watching football, BMI > 30, ect. Boring. Sorry but I like meeting new friends, learning about cultures, and trying new foods. I love that they love their culture. Ours has been corporatized. I can't get too excited about it.

The Latinos I know all speak English. I practice my Spanish with them so I prefer we don't speak English. If you do not have citizenship you aren't getting welfare. Sorry, can't buy that one. Chicanos, often use welfare. But they are not immigrants. And contrary to popular belief, you can't just go sign up to get papers. I have traveled all over the world and 1 in 1,000,000 applicants are excepted for visas. It is really hard.

Why would it be okay that Asian's got amnesty and not Latinos, Btw?