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Excuse me?

Extracting 20G out of them sounds like a creepy democrat idea? It sounds like a fiscal conservative to me.

What do you mean they have every opportunity to follow the law? Obama has deported more immigrants than all presidents combined, I kid you not. He took away their ability to drive in 2010. There is no special programs going on to help these people.

They would love to give a certain sum to be legal. Then they wouldn't have to deal with racist creeps that ONLY care that they remove themselves from 3 million square miles of the territory. These people generally have never even traveled out of State before but do not want someone who popped out of his mother's womb South of the Rio Grande within the 3 million sm area. Wouldn't you like to pay off something that society ostracizes you for instead of living among folks that do not want to solve the problem, they just want to hate.