Comment: I worked as an intern for Dr

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I worked as an intern for Dr

I worked as an intern for Dr Ron Paul during the spring, right in the height of his campaign. I got to meet the good Dr. a couple of times, escort him to committee hearings, and sat right behind Ben Bernanke just as RP gave little Ben a lesson on silver (I'm the guy behind Ben chewing the gum haha). Went with his staff to campaign rallies, got to meet some of the most amazing group of people I could ever imagine, all the while amassing dissenting ideas that would positively rattle my philosophy to the core.

Seeing this farewell address is heart-breaking. I am very fortunate to have such an experience many would have killed for. I know his legacy will continue, I just wish there is more I could do. I wish I could have that experience again.

Farewell Dr Paul. I cannot thank you enough for changing my life the way you did.