Comment: Not so sure about that...

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Not so sure about that...

Someone better put Betray-us on suicide watch as it seems that whenever someone is about to spill the beans...they come up dead.

Betray-us is going to have to explain why he first stated that there was an armed militia attack on the embassy...then he changes his tune and says it was the video...that got 92 views on YouTube.

Betray-us commented about three weeks before the Benghazi attack that Isreael was a "liability" to the U.S. in the middle east. If Jane Harmon is appointed as the new director of CIA we will know it was probably the Israeli's that set him up.

The DOD needs to explain why they stood down.

Betray-us will exercise his 5th ammendment rights..he will clam up.

Some major head is going to roll...meaning Hitlery or obummer himself.