Comment: I will answer your questions

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I will answer your questions

and then please just answer my one question.

My full comp was 165k and change. I have eaten in a soup line. Grace church, Martin Dupours, and the zoup kitchen in the height hand I was a young adult. What does that have anything to do with it?

Never have I vacationed outside the USA in my life. If by vacation you mean go to a resort or some such place, never have been. My honey moon, took my wife to Orlando.

Each year I get two weeks off. One I visit my Mom in northern cal, the second I take at Christmas and spend at home with my family. I have a wife and two kids.

It is the state attempting to pay for a welfare warfare state that we cannot afford that will kill the dollar - not me paying more / less taxes.

The fire department isn't paid for by the Feds. It is funded through county, state taxes, and do see some federal funds which are really state tax being returned to the states .

So I answered all your questions - how much did you pay last year?

I also pay state income taxes and sales taxes, excuse taxes, property taxes all of which I get and pay and did not include since. I get services for those taxes or can avoid by changing my behavior.

So How much should I be able to keep of my money? What is "fair" in your view?


Liberty = Responsibility