Comment: He H:it Just About Everything

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He H:it Just About Everything

...I was overly optimistic in thinking he might have a warm reception, even if it was for self gain from others.

Apparently it is against house rules to indicate approval or disapproval? I did not know that. I wonder if there have not been other "farewell addresses" by long-time members where approval was allowed.

Of course, this was not exactly a was giving him a last time to address Congress and they, most likely, knew how he would use that time! (1) Wonder what was happening that required that rule being stated. (2) Interesting that Ron Paul as leaving the room motioned for adjournment.

Other than that, I can't wait for the UTUBE so we can all listen again and think about and discuss. We all know what Congress just lost and it makes me sad.

That's our champion for liberty! Thank you Dr. Paul.