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And I vow to do just that Merry Mom

I will raise my girls to be fiercely independent, To never trust anyone from the gunverment, to never believe the propaganda in state issue text books, to never follow the destructive FDA food guide, to never believe the disinformation put out by the pharmaceutical industrial complex, to never turn their health and well being over to bureaucrat, to know what real money is, to know that the federal reserve is the single most oppressive and evil institution in the history of mankind, to never ever rely on anyone else but themselves, and last but not least, my babies will know who Dr. Ron Paul is/was. They will know that in a see of madness one lone man stood in defiance. They laughed at him, ridiculed him, called him crazy and he always stood tall. He never lost his way. His principles NEVER ever wavered. One single solitary man re-lit the fires of liberty in the hearts and minds of millions. I will never quite fighting this battle.

Liberty or Death