Comment: Wonder if Any Will Ask

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Wonder if Any Will Ask

...themselves if their life is virtuous and if they have participated in any of those ills of government that Dr. Paul talked about.

Hope they then look at their children and grandchildren and contemplate the lives their great grandchildren will have if nothing changes.

Will any lose sleep tonight? I hope so. Yes there was a little applause at the end, allowed or not allowed. But it was meek and mild polite applause. I hope it was filled with shame and remorse.

And, now. Ron Paul would tell us to get over our emotional response and get to work. Virtuous lives...contemplate the necessary major transitional steps required for a free society and gain support. Soon many will be saying "if not this (which clearly does not work)...then what? We should be ready with answers having been given a head-start.

It begins with us. Dr. Paul pretty much said don't look to the government (or the next candidate) to save the world. Only a moral society deserves and can handle a free society.