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Has it occurred to you ...

That the "simplest" living organism requires at least 250 proteins to function, and that each protein is composed of numerous amino acids (some very long chains) that are strung together in very exact sequences to accomplish each protein's specific job within the cell? These protein chains can be composed of several, or a hundred (or more) amino acids. Then each chain must be folded into its proper shape in order to function at all. Finally it must be moved into its designated position within the cell. That's what it takes to get one living cell!

It is the job of the DNA and RNA to produce these protein chains. It has been demonstrated that human DNA is the most compact information storage system (containing a gigabyte of info just to keep a human body alive, functioning, growing, repairing, etc.) and all within a miniscule space within the tiny nucleus of a microscopic cell. Where did the information come from and how did it get jam-packed into such a small space?

So now, since you're so smart, please tell me what came first: the DNA, the RNA, the amino acids (20 of them)that are required in abundance? Actually, THEY ALL HAD TO COME TOGETHER AT THE SAME EXACT TIME IN THE SAME EXACT SPACE. And they all had to work perfectly, the first time!

All that science aside, as evolutionists love to gloss over these nitty gritty details that shine the light of truth on their pathetic and laughable fairy tale, they believe that the first little creatures just popped out of their "primordial soup" by magic!

It gives me great encouragement if, in fact, most Americans don't swallow the lies of a 19th Century pseudo-scientist. Time to move into the 21st Century. We know one heck of a lot more about the workings of a living cell than Darwin could have ever imagined!