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That there was no fallout is a common media myth

The arab spring probably would not have occurred if not for wikileaks. Don't believe me? Believe the ex-MI6 honcho who said the exact same thing (though the video's been taken off youtube). There's a treasure trove of information if you're willing to look. I've found plenty of damning content on Israel's treatment of Palestinians (forcing food trucks to pay tolls to pass into Gaza).
Or how about the story of hired (contractor) thugs holding parties where they do drugs and prostitute afghani children? That's not a big deal, but this Patraeus scandal bullshit is?

The truth is, the good content that lies therein, be it from cable leaks or stratfor emails, you'll never hear about from MSM because MSM has been utterly humiliated by wikileaks. Wikileaks' existence reinforces the reality that our media do not do their job at all, and that investigative journalism is dead in those circles.