Comment: In 1974, my roommate went

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In 1974, my roommate went

In 1974, my roommate went through a nasty breakup with his GF. She reported his pot smoking to the cops, and a few weeks later the two of us were busted for possession of about an ounce of MJ, which sold for around $15 at the time. The pot belonged to my roommate, but that didn't matter - I was prosecuted right along with him.

The lawyer cost me a ton of money at the time, which I didn't have, and the subsequent conviction cost me several jobs over the years. I was fortunate, though, (unlike many), not to experience jail time.

It's well past time this nonsense about locking people up or damaging their careers for pot smoking was put to bed.

Thank you Dr. Paul, once again, for standing up for liberty.

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