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Great artwork and quote. Powerful. However, I am going now to read the Mises article (thanks for that) to make certain I have not forgotten more of Machiavelli than I remember.

My take is to put a quote by him in juxtaposition to Ron Paul is a powerful warning despite the fact that the quote fits so well. There are those who study the power of "goodness" in order to attempt to capture that power through emulating...and, yet, have a very different, and less than virtuous, goal in mind.

We have seen a few attempts to emulate Ron Paul without much success, because they didn't truly understand him and they weren't truly like him. However, there may well be others more astute who study him in greater depth and emulate him much better for deceptive purposes, selfish purposes. We might all well study his "goodness" not only in order to emulate it in our own lives hence better approaching virtue and, in doing so, be better equipped to detect imposters.

"Book on Virtues" written by Bennett? Don't remember exactly but it came to mind. Perhaps I am giving the author a bad rap and don't know what I am talking about, but my memory is that the author did not consistently exhibit virtue in his political life.

Anyway....interesting thread. Thank you!